Our talented and accomplished mentors are the cornerstone of the mentorship program. We hand-picked each of them from elite companies such as the Big Four accounting firms, top-tier investment banks and tech companies. Depending on the need of your job search, we have available mentors ranging from the executive level to the analyst level. You tell us your goals, and we will connect you to the most suitable mentors that will guide you through the job process. Our program is highly customizable based around you, and that is what makes it special and different. Unlike traditional programs, we don’t spoon-feed you with information that you don’t need. A resume workshop is very unhelpful if all you need is more mock interview experience. You get what you want, and you have the utmost control over the type of assistance you need. You choose the topic of each workshop. You choose the type of mentor you want to connect with. You choose whether to meet face-to-face or virtually.

All of our solutions are focused around a customized mentorship plan created just for you.

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Resume Editing
Cover Letter Editing
Linkedin Profile Enhancement
Career consultation
Network Skills Training
Personal Development Plan


Mock Interview
Career Consultation
Behavioral Question
Key Competencies Questions
Motivational Questions
Commercial Awareness Related Questions
Technical Question
Industry Insights
Interview Analysis Report After Each Session


Internship Guaranteed! 1 2

Job Opportunities

Researching Job Opening Opportunities
Job Referring Numbered Numbered Unlimited
Job Serching Session

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